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Date: Oct 07, 2008 - 10:22 AM
GU HQ's testing lab is once again offline... the builders repairing the roof didn't tarp properly before the rains came back. Everything's pulled out of the way to try to keep it dry.

Before this happened: determination on The Force Unleashed.

#1 - Ok, so "most" of the stuff is deformable/breakable.
#2 - MAJOR problems with "invisible edge of the world" and "stuff you should be able to jump on that you either slide off of or fall straight through" programming.
#3 - CONSTANT crash conditions / repeatable glitch conditions. Sections without proper textures (Hall of Mirrors effect), freezes when you don't kill bosses/minibosses in "the right way", etc. The fight against Palpatine is particularly buggy, which is annoying since you have to fight ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE DEATH STAR to get back when the game freezes/crashes.
#4 - Button-push boss endings are LOUSY. If you wanted a cutscene, just show a freaking cutscene. If not, let me kill the boss MY way.
#5 - As a corrolary: if you have button indicators indicating I should do something, having them LIE to me about what I should do (the scene with the Star Destroyer, you'll know it when it does it) is BAD.

If the game were properly programmed (ie no freeze/crash glitches) I could still give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. But there's just so much wrong with The Force Unleashed, from bad control decisions, bad targeting, bad AI... trust me, this mini-review doesn't go halfway through it all. 1 out of 5, tops... a candidate for throwing a controller through the wall, not from difficult gameplay, but from frustratingly poor programming and glitches galore.

Lucasarts needs to fire their programming staff.

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