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Congress Says: "We can't hear you."

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Date: Sep 30, 2008 - 04:32 PM
People are so mad about this "bailout" proposed by the US government, that they are actually causing the email server for the House of Representatives to crash.

Is their solution to beef things up so more of the people they supposedly represent them can reach them? Nahh, that'd be too easy. They just cut it off - I suggest calling your local representative next.

?What we had to do was basically install the digital equivalent of a traffic cop,? Ventura said. ?It was a question of inconveniencing everybody or inconveniencing some people some of the time, while servicing other people the other half of the time.?

Member offices began to notice an overwhelming number of e-mails last week as the economy roiled and the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, or ?bailout package,? became of interest to millions of Americans. All the clogs in the traditional e-mail service have since been resolved, according to the CAO.

However, Ventura ventured that the problems on the House website might not be resolved until the economic package was finalized.
Here's a hint folks: your government should never be "unavailable due to technical reasons."

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