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The Great Poker Ripoff

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Date: Sep 30, 2008 - 04:32 PM
Online poker has turned out to be rigged: apparently, some employees were ripping off the system, since they could "see" people's hole (hidden) cards.

Official investigators - brought in following Josem's revelations - have named one of the world's most successful poker players, Russ Hamilton, as the main perpetrator of the fraud.

Suspicions of unfair play at Absolute Poker were first raised late last year. Josem plotted the win rate of several thousand players against the suspicious accounts and found the cheats won money at a rate that was 100 times faster than a good player could reasonably win.

The cheating accounts played every hand as if they knew every card that the other players had and folded hands at just the right time.
Anyone else think you can beat the house legitimately?

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