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Date: Sep 24, 2008 - 09:29 AM
While Tycho and Gabe take a vacation over at Penny Arcade, they're offering up a series of industry writers on the rather touchy topic of DRM.

Today's offering attempts to lay out some room for compromise:

Developers and publishers have the right to protect their interests, to ask that I pay for what I play. But don?t we have the right to own what we?ve purchased? To do what we want with it? Are we buying games, or renting them? The industry needs to meet us halfway. This is a problem that hurts everyone, both in its repercussions and its current solutions.
The PC industry's death is often foretold in grave terms - certainly, at least, oft predicted to be done in by consoles. A shortly to follow Musings will offer up some of my thoughts on why the PC market, because of DRM, has really done this to themselves.

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