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Date: Sep 08, 2008 - 04:00 PM
Here's a crazy thought - a build your own Hybrid car kit.

On first impressions, it looks like Doc Brown from Back to the Future went ape on a Robin Reliant. That solo rear wheel is powered by an electric motor and batteries that give a claimed range of around 40 miles. Its front wheels, meanwhile, are powered by a diesel engine from a tractor, which can achieve a claimed 125 miles per gallon. When used in conjunction with the electric engine, a whopping 200mpg is promised.

The oddest thing about the XR-3 -- other than the fact it shares its name with a type of Ford Escort -- is that you have to build it yourself. Parts for a duplicate of the prototype model will cost you $25,000 (?14,200), but swap the standard lithium-ion battery pack for a lead-acid pack and it'll cost $19,000 (?10,800). A diesel-only version will cost $9,000 (?5,100).
I wonder what the shipping cost (and packing material waste) is like.

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