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Highway toll tags duplicated?

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Date: Aug 27, 2008 - 09:18 AM
California's highway toll tag system has been compromised according to an article over at Tech Review:

In the past, authorities have insisted that the FasTrak system uses encryption to secure data and that no personal details are stored on the device--just two unique, randomly assigned ID numbers. One of these is used to register the device when a customer purchases it, while the other acts as a unique identifier to let radio receivers at tolls detect cars as they pass by.

But when Lawson opened up a transponder, he found that there was no security protecting these IDs. The device uses two antennas, one to detect a request signal from the toll reader and another to transmit its ID so that it can be read, he says.
And here we go again - the same fault in these is probably all over the place.

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