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Date: Aug 07, 2008 - 01:21 PM
A story floating on the wire today from Ars: a woman who took her computer in for repair at two shops, only to find out the tech at the first shop had been spying on her with remote webcam software.

Garcia then took her machine to another computer expert?a trusted friend this time?who discovered that Feigin had installed two pieces of software onto her machine: Log Me In and Web Cam Spy Hacker. Web Cam Spy Hacker may have been written by Feigin himself (the address on the site was the same as his home address), and it allowed him to upload the various photos taken on the machine to a remote server. Unfortunately for Garcia, that included 20,000 photos of her, her friends, and her boyfriend. Since the laptop mostly resided in her bedroom, some of them were taken while she was not clothed.
Word to the wise: be careful when taking any PC in for repair. The Consumerist caught Geek Squad doing this some time ago.

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