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Date: Aug 07, 2008 - 01:13 PM
The Simpsons has actually dished out a few nuggets over the years - here's an interesting set of 25 tips on eating healthy but inexpensively.

7) Portion sizes have increased tremendously in America over the last few decades, and are a giant factor in U.S. weight gain. This is especially true for restaurant food and takeout.

Homer: Is this the biggest steak you got? 72 oz.? I thought this was supposed to be a steakhouse, not a little girly, underpantsy, pink doily, tea party place!
Waiter: Well, we do have one steak available upon special request. We call it Sir Loin-A-Lot. It's the size of a boogieboard.
Homer: Ooh, I'll have that one! And to drink ... meatballs.
Well worth a read if you're trying to slim down a bit.

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