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FT: Music industry should do a 180

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Date: Aug 04, 2008 - 02:29 PM
The Financial Times says that the music industry should embrace what they've been maligning as "piracy".

Almost 400,000 illegal torrent downloads were made on the first day and 2.3m in the 25 days following the album?s release, compared with a full-week?s peak of just 158,000 for the next most popular album of the period.

?The expectation among rights-holders is that, in order to create a success story, you must reduce the rate of piracy ? we?ve found that is not the case,? said Mr Garland, chief executive of Big Champagne, who highlighted the benefits that Radiohead received from the album?s popularity, including strong ticket sales for its concerts this year.
If the industry actually took this to heart, it'd be great.

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