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Date: Jul 11, 2008 - 11:00 AM
A Houston company claims to be able to make a crude-oil substitute from organic waste:

The ?Rivera Method? takes such agricultural refuse as cracked soy beans, rice and cotton seed hulls, grain sorghum, milo and jatropha and turns them into bio-crude oil. This crude ? or Vetroleum, as Rivera calls it - can then be further refined into everything from gasoline to jet fuel and just about every petrochemical in between.

With this process, just one bushel (60 pounds) of organic waste can yield about six gallons of bio-crude, Rivera said.
?Our biggest problem is that we are too good to be true,? Rivera said. ?We can literally replace every gallon of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel in the United States using just 12 percent of the waste byproducts in the country.?
It does sound way too good to be true - but hey, if it's for real, it'd be an amazing breakthrough. Then again, we also tend to find this a lot recently, but no major production companies showing anything yet either.

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