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Physx on Radeon

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Date: Jun 28, 2008 - 01:17 AM
Way back when, NVidia's "proprietary" extensions were hacked to run "proprietary" demos on ATi cards... faster than the Nvidia cards could.

Looks like it's been done again, this time with the PhysX physics modeling system.

After playing with Nvidia's CUDA SDK and PhysX SDK, Eran apparently got the PhysX layer to play along with Radeon cards. He mentioned that enabling PhysX support on Radeon cards is not particularly difficult, leading us to believe that physics on graphics cards may not so much be a technology problem but a game of politics.

Eran said that he will be offering the ATI PhysX-enabling utility on as soon as he gets his hands on more hardware to check the application on more than one graphics card. We are told that he is testing hardware already, which means that the software should be available ?soon?.
Let the arms race begin.

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