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Date: Jun 16, 2008 - 07:59 AM
Another MafiAA tactic for you today, courtesy of Ars: after a judge ruled against them, they quietly tried to drop the case and refile under a different judge - engaging in fraudulent forum shopping.

In his coverage of the new complaint, copyright attorney Ray Beckerman points out that the new lawsuit has been assigned to a different judge and that the RIAA is treating this as an all-new case. In a letter (PDF) to Judge Stephen C. Robinson, Beckerman (who is one of Joan Cassins' attorneys) asks him to recall his order dismissing Warner v. Cassin without prejudice. Instead, the previous case should be dismissed with prejudice, which would mean that the RIAA would be barred from bringing this new case.
Earlier on, the MafiAA quietly tried to drop the old case - since the judge was consistently ruling against them.

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