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Cult of Scientology up to old tricks

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Date: May 21, 2008 - 12:39 PM
In London, a teen who protested the cult/scam of $cientology is being legally harassed for using the word "cult"
to describe it.

In my opinion? Cult. Cult cult cult... cult.

He's begging for legal advice: video of the summons service is on Youtube.

A policewoman later read him section five of the Public Order Act and "strongly advised" him to remove the sign. The section prohibits signs which have representations or words which are threatening, abusive or insulting.

The teenager refused to back down, quoting a 1984 high court ruling from Mr Justice Latey, in which he described the Church of Scientology as a "cult" which was "corrupt, sinister and dangerous".
The City of London police came under fire two years ago when it emerged that more than 20 officers, ranging from constable to chief superintendent, had accepted gifts worth thousands of pounds from the Church of Scientology.
I wonder how much money the cult officials paid them this time to attack people who were expressing a perfectly reasonable opinion.

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