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Date: May 12, 2008 - 08:36 AM
Saw Speed Racer yesterday, on the IMAX.

It's scoring an average 35% on the tomatometer currently, but I've learned that mass-market-ish movies generally get lower scores. The reviewers love to hate on them even while normal people (those who didn't waste far too much money going through film school only to be rejected from directing jobs and becoming hateful as a result) love them.

Speed Racer's... interesting. On the whole, I liked it. There were lots of subtle nods to the original series, great casting, an absolutely wonderful and fun color pallette, and an amazing set of special effects. But I saw it on the IMAX - if you're seeing it on a normal movie screen, or on a home screen, there's a TON of detail that will go missing from the movie.

At the same time, I can tell you exactly why the critics are panning it. #1, it takes a while to get going. #2, it commits a "sin" in their eyes of doing the "element wipe" (a moving screen element serves as the border for a wipe between scenes). In the movie, it works, but the critics hate it when you use the same wipe style over and over.

If you've got the chance to catch it on an IMAX, go for it. It really just won't be the same on a smaller screen.

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