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MafiAA wants it both ways

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Date: Apr 01, 2008 - 08:38 AM
The MafiAA are trying to have it both ways in the Tanya Andersen case; first they complained her filings were too short and light on details, now they're upset she's put every bit of their illegal tactics up for the judge to see.

Part of the massiveness the RIAA objects to comes from Lybeck's attempts to adhere to the judge's instructions to explicitly lay out both the allegations and claims for release. The vast majority of Andersen's 18 claims for relief go into a fair amount of supporting detail. (The 18th claim seeks an injunction barring the RIAA from "continuing to engage in criminal investigation of private American citizens.")
In case you were wondering about that last bit - the MafiAA agency MediaSentry's been caught doing "investigations" in multiple states where they not only lack proper licensing, but where such activity is a crime.

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