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Why the MafiAA hates downloads

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Date: Mar 31, 2008 - 09:34 AM
The MafiAA hates downloads - because it destroys their business model; worse, it stops the artists (especially the ones who don't hit it "big") being basically indentured servants.

With the launch of TuneCore (full disclosure here, I am the CEO and founder), for the cost of a six pack and a pizza (around $30), anyone can now literally be their own record label and have the same distribution as any "signed" artist. However, unlike a "signed" artist, this new model allows artists to keep all their rights and receive all the money from the sale of their music via a non-exclusive agreement that can be cancelled at any time, all while having infinite inventory with no up front cost or risk.
As opposed to the RIAA, who want your soul, firstborn child, and refuse to pay what the contract says they should.

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