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MafiAA steals domain name, then harasses open source group

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Date: Feb 26, 2008 - 08:35 AM
Not only has the French MafiAA stolen Shareaza's domain name, now they're threatening lawsuits at people angry about the theft:

Understandably, the real Shareaza team and users are really upset that this outfit has effectively stolen their brand name from under their noses in a hostile takeover, and is actively ruining their reputation. It?s no surprise that emotions run high when people are ripped off so when a new signup to the real Shareaza forums suggested a small way to get back at the people doing this to them, it wasn?t anything so special.
On the one hand, The Pirate Bay lose a domain they bought legitimately because the IFPI doesn?t like it, but when a music industry outfit attempts the destruction of a completely legal piece of open source software by passing itself off as the real thing, no-one blinks. Sign of the times?

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