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"Copyright" a C&D?

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Date: Jan 26, 2008 - 09:43 AM
A moron judge has ruled that an abusive scumbag lawyer can "copyright" his cease & desist letters to prevent his victims from exposing his scam.

To which I would respond: "The copyrighting of cease-and-desist letters is an easy way for law firms to bully small companies who have committed no wrong, but who have no real recourse to fight back against an attempt to shut them up via legal threat. Until today, many companies who were being unfairly attacked by companies and law firms misusing cease-and-desist letters to prevent opinions from being stated, had a reasonable recourse to such attacks, and could draw attention to law firms that used such bullying tactics to mute any criticism." This is an unfortunate ruling and can only serve to create a serious chilling effect on free speech.
Here's hoping someone finds recourse to get the idiot judge off the bench, quick.

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