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Wolfe: slap RIAA hard

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Date: Jan 02, 2008 - 10:24 AM
Since the RIAA continues to misbehave, Alexander Wolfe offers up the best suggestion I've heard yet: take away their toys.

Pity the poor record companies. For years, they were given a license to print money, via the generous copyright laws which grant rights, in corporate-authorship situations, for 75 years. In 1998, just as Disney's key Mickey Mouse copyrights were about to expire, this was unbelievably extended to up to 125 years (in certain cases) in legislation introduced by former singer Sonny Bono.

Now that times are tough, though, the record companies have shown they're clueless. Rather than forge a new business model to make money in the age of the Internet, they're fighting a losing battle to hold on to an era that's already passed. Okay, if they're unable to handle the copyright benefits they've been like generously awarded, we should do what we do when a child shows they can't handle a privilege they've been granted. We should take it away.
Hear hear!

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