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Date: Dec 10, 2007 - 12:32 PM
Call your congressman - there's yet another horrid "copyright" bill that desperately needs to be shut down.

If you know Conyers (Bought-MafiAA), you know what a sleaze he is.

There are some great analyses of this one here (and also here).

...but some of these same enforcement provisions are likely to hurt ordinary consumers. Seizing expensive manufacturing equipment used for large-scale infringement from a commercial pirate may be appropriate. Seizing a family?s general-purpose computer in a download case, as this bill would allow, is not appropriate.
That's right - Conyers thinks SO LITTLE of the people he purportedly represents (which must have taken some serious bribery from the MafiAA) that he doesn't care about stealing their property without a trial.

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