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Backlashing BioShock

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Date: Dec 06, 2007 - 01:41 PM
Eurogamer covers what they call a backlash against BioShock by PC gamers; a phenomenon not unlike what happened when the kiddyfied/console-ified Deus Ex: Invisible War didn't live up to the original Deus Ex.

The first one's true. BioShock is both a more accessible and easier game than System Shock 2. But "easier" doesn't have anything to with it being "dumber", and hating "more accessible" is just petty elitism from people who'd actually like videogames to be a ghetto consisting of them - especially when some of the things to make the game more accessible can be turned off. As long as point two's not true, then the former really doesn't matter.

And the second's not true. Mechanistically, you can do just about everything you can in System Shock. What was removed was either irrelevant, actual flaws or replaced with alternative methods to allow similar expression. For example, pre-patch PC fans were angry there was no option to walk on the PC. But - y'know - walking is about allowing you to move quietly. You can move quietly through the crouch, signifying creeping.
I enjoyed BioShock. It was fun to play, especially as I fine-tuned my strategies and abilities. At the same time, Deus Ex:Invisible War was lacking because they took the dumbing down too far... and I suppose everyone has their own threshold of what "too far" really means.

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