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Journalist fired for bad review

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Date: Nov 30, 2007 - 09:11 AM
It's one of the worst-kept secrets in the industry: the game companies try to strongarm good reviews for even the worst titles if they're trying to make a marketing push.

Eidos appears to have managed to get someone fired for snarking on the laughable Kane & Lynch.

Gamespot's text review of the game is definitely very negative, and the 6/10 score rather low, but it's the video review of the game that really eviscerates it for "impossible to like" characters, a "lazy" script and excessive profanity, among other things. It does seem plausible that Eidos might not be too happy with either review, and that Gamespot might be willing to do anything to prevent losing such a large advertiser (notwithstanding the site's posted review guidelines, which state they have never "altered our verdict about any game due to advertiser pressure").
Whoops! I'd love to see the guy get his job back, but it's a painful truth about the industry: sites with a ton of advertising, unless they are incredibly careful and honest and up-front, will tend to run glossy "buy it" reviews on the stuff the heavies want to sell. See the reviews on absolute stinkers like Brute Force (Xbox) for example - you know they suck, you knew it within 5 minutes of starting the game, but the mag writers all had glowing reviews "or else" from the Powers That Be.

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