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Canadian Gov't: "F YOU" to consumers

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Date: Nov 29, 2007 - 11:00 AM
The Canadian government, after their last travesty of a DMCA-alike was shot down, are trying to do something even worse - a bill that abolishes space-shifting, device shifting (goodbye ipod!) fair use and parody exemptions.

The House of Commons is back in session and, as I promised last month, the 30 Days of DRM project has now concluded. The postings remain accessible via the 30 Days of DRM page, the wiki, and a new PDF version that incorporates all postings into a single document.

The project generated considerable commentary online and lots of email offline. The most frequently asked question provides reason for optimism as many people simply asked "what can I do?" I typically responded that the best starting point was to write to their local Member of Parliament. Upon reflection, there is more that can be done and to that end, I offer up 30 things you can do about the issues raised by the 30 days of DRM project.
Check the list and if you're in Canada - or even not - speak up to their government before it's too late!

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