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Sanity outbreak at EMI

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Date: Nov 29, 2007 - 10:03 AM
Ars has some news in the "have to see it to believe it" category: apparently big-four member EMI is about to drastically cut the funding they give to the MafiAA.

Giving the music industry credit where credit is due, the labels have made some progress in the past year, especially when it comes to realizing how much consumers detest DRM. But one of the chief activities of the RIAA is coordinating the Big Four labels' legal campaign, and those thousands of lawsuits have done nothing but generate ill will from record fans, while costing the labels millions of dollars and doing little (if anything) to actually reduce the amount of file-sharing going on.

In fact, the RIAA freely admits that the legal campaign is a real money pit, and EMI's new ownership may be very leery of continuing to pour money down that particular rat hole.
If they actually cut the MafiAA off, I might reward them by going through their catalog and finding something to buy.

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