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Games as Teachers

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Date: Nov 20, 2007 - 08:53 AM
Physorg looks at how games can be used to teach:

"We know a lot about how to be an effective teacher, and we know a lot about how to use technology to teach," said lead author Douglas Gentile. "Video games use many of these techniques and are highly effective teachers. So we shouldn't be surprised that violent video games can teach aggression."

The paper presents conceptual and empirical analyses of several of the "best practices" of learning and instruction, and demonstrates how violent video games use those practices effectively to teach aggression. It documents how violent video games motivate learners to persevere in learning and mastering skills to navigate through complex problems and changing environments -- just like good teachers do.
While it reinforces the nonsensical old "violent games teach violence" bit, which has been disproven numerous times, it has a valid point that games teach you how to find solutions to the puzzles presented.

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