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Date: Nov 16, 2007 - 10:30 AM
GameDaily looks at the Console Wars and declares anyone can still win:

The system that ends up with the most users generally wins the most attention and support from game makers, while the others get stuck with half-assed ports and throw-away games. Or, to tow the psychobabble party line, everyone feels good picking a winner, and owning the best-selling system can be comforting to uncertain consumers.

Now, a year after the battle started, which contender will come out on top?
For my money, I think Nintendo's strategy was great (remember, they wanted to be "the other system" in the house, where everyone either had a 360 or PS3 PLUS the Wii).

That being said, here's my top-played systems:
#1 - Xbox 360
Face it - these are the big guys. They've been out the longest, just about every game is out on them, and if you have a big widescreen TV, some games just look that much better even if there's a Wii version. Plus, Carcassonne, Catan, and the rest of Xbox Live Arcade to enjoy.

And then there's the online gaming component; however much you hate Microsoft, you have to admit that if you want to play online, you're either on a PC or else you're hooking up to Xbox Live.

Downside: I've been lacking a 360 1/6 of the year thanks to quality control issues. First console dead to "Red Ring of Death", the replacement had a faulty DVD-Rom drive, and the latest replacement still has to have its faceplate replaced because of a broken controller-resync button.

Stupid name jokes aside, it's a great console. While Virtual Console doesn't have as many games I'd like yet, there are gems to be had - Super Mario World, F-Zero X (previously unavailable except on the N-64), and Waverace, and even the original and absolutely stellar Paper Mario. Plus, the Gamecube compatibility makes it an easy choice of upgrade for previous Gamecube owners, and the GC had some definite gems (Eternal Darkness anyone?).

Downside: 4-player gaming requires a huge, spacious living room or people willing to come away with a few bruises. There aren't a ton of "big draw" titles for it yet, and the ports of multi-console releases suffer graphically with usually a motion control setup that's more gimmick than function.

And last, the PS3
Face it - Sony dropped the ball in every possible way with this console. They really wanted to get Blu-ray out there; but why would I buy Blu-ray movies at $30 when I can get the DVD releases for $10 or less? So far, I have yet to see a game for this console that's worth owning that isn't also available on the 360. My total library for this console consists of FlOw, Lemmings, Dragon's Lair Blu-Ray, and (until I get rid of it) Tony Hawk's Proving Grounds. That's it.

Well, that and my PS2 titles... but new buyers won't even be able to play those on their PS2, since they've stripped out the backwards compatibility.

What does my PS3 do? It sits on the shelf and up-samples DVD's to 720P. That's about it. Definitely not worth the money if you didn't have an amazingly good reason (such as reviewing this stuff) to get one.

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