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Fable 2 roles in Child's Play

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Date: Nov 08, 2007 - 08:47 AM
The Fable 2 team have done something amazingly awesome - they're auctioning roles in the game and giving the proceeds to Child's Play.

This is what they're offering and it's truly awe-inspiring:

But that?s not all, in addition the annual Child?s Play?s Fundraiser Dinner Auction has been announced, it?s taking place on Tuesday 11th December 2007 at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle, Washington. We (that?s Lionhead Studios) are also donating some pretty cool stuff for the auction, you will be able to bid for these during the Dinner Auction, and all the money made will go to the Child?s Play charity. The list is as follows:
? Have a Fable 2 Shopkeeper named after you! (1)
? Have a Fable 2 Farmer named after you! (1)
? Have an important Fable 2 Villager named after you! (1)
? Have a Fable 2 Monk named after you! (1)
? Have a Fable 2 Quest character named after you! (1)
? Signed underwear by Peter Molyneux! (1)
? The only known surviving Fable T-SHIRT signed by the Development Team in 2004 (1)
? Limited edition, official Fable 2 team T-SHIRT (1)
? Limited edition, official Fable 2 sweater / hoodie (1)
? Exclusive Fable 2 printed and framed artwork (1)
? Limited edition, framed Black & White 2 poster, signed by the Development Team and Peter Molyneux (1)
? Framed copy of Fable, presented in recognition of your contribution to the making of Fable (1)

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