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Date: Nov 07, 2007 - 08:49 AM
Next Gen offers 50 important "innovations" from the gaming world, though I wish they'd done their homework on when some of them first appeared.

And they rip on "interactive movies" pretty fierce:

This genre came and went, and good riddance to it. It?s a world-changing design innovation because it proved so clearly to be a creative dead end that everybody knows not to make interactive movies any more?although the term is still used at times to describe the cinematic quality of games in other genres. Interactive movies taught us, by negative example, that gameplay comes first, period. The CD-ROM drive first made them possible, and in their heyday, they sold tons?until the novelty of watching tiny, grainy videos wore off. Best-known early example: The 7th Guest, 1993. Probable first use: Dragon?s Lair coin-op, 1983.

Honestly, "interactive movies" are still around - they just turned into rails shooter titles, like the damnably annoying House of the Dead and Time Cop arcade series.

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