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Date: Nov 07, 2007 - 08:49 AM
The Consumerist is running 28 points from a Gamestop manager about why the chain operates as it does, and why the employees keep bugging you about the discount card and pre-orders:

Most trade-ins we ever receive are not recent or desirable games. We take games in awful shape, without original cases, and that are years-old and so saturated that they will never, ever sell. Every gamestop is drowning in used Madden NFL 2001-2007's as we speak. Old sports titles have no resale value, and we offer a small amount for them with the understand that we will probably never make that back on its sale. The point here is, simply, that there is no sense in decrying Gamestop's trade-in values for games that you are unlikely to sell anywhere else.

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