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Eye of Judgement copyable

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Date: Oct 29, 2007 - 12:58 PM
It turns out the cards for the PS3's new game Eye of Judgement are easily photocopyable.

Here we see the Biolith Bomber, easily scanning into the game despite the poor quality of the printout. The camera resolution is relatively low, so the symbols on the card need to be easily recognizable. Unfortunately this also makes them easily to duplicate as well.

Meanwhile, ZenandGames thinks that this still shouldn't ruin the game's playability:

First of all any CCG designer worth his salt knows that your game has to be balanced under the assumption that all players will have unlimited access to your card base and therefore can (and will if it grants an advantage) play with the maximum number allowed of in their deck. The reason for this is because any hardcore fans of your game will go to any length to obtain exactly the cards they want for their deck and typically how difficult these are to obtain is irrelevant. This goes back to Magic and it?s limit of 4 of any one card in a deck, as I understand Eye of Judgment has a similar requirement, thus having all players have access to all the cards shouldn?t degrade from the entertainment and fun value of the game and will probably only put a hurt on the profit margins.

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