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Verizon gets $1M Spanking

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Date: Oct 25, 2007 - 08:35 AM
Verizon Wireless has been spanked today for false advertising by the state of New York, which took them to task for cutting off customers who believed Verizon's word that an unlimited plan meant unlimited.

The settlement follows a nine-month investigation into the marketing of NationalAccess and BroadbandAccess plans for wireless access to the internet for laptop computer users. Attorney General?s investigation found that Verizon Wireless prominently marketed these plans as ?Unlimited,? without disclosing that common usages such as downloading movies or playing games online were prohibited. The company also cut off heavy internet users for exceeding an undisclosed cap of usage per month. As a result, customers misled by the company?s claims, enrolled in its Unlimited plans, only to have their accounts abruptly terminated for excessive use, leaving them without internet services and unable to obtain refunds.
Unfortunately, for a company like Verizon, this isn't much.

Not only that, Verizon's own press release...
"We are pleased to have cooperated with the New York Attorney General and to have voluntarily reached this agreement," a company spokesman told Associated Press. "When this was brought to our attention, we understood that advertising for our NationalAccess and BroadbandAccess services could provide more clarity."
Translation: Verizon was caught flat-out lying and cut a deal. Here's hoping other states take up the cause and spank Verizon properly for false advertising.

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