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Storm worm "fighting back"

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Date: Oct 24, 2007 - 03:17 PM
Bad news in the virus world - the botnet that just won't die, Storm, has been confirmed identifying security research probes and launching counterstrikes.

As a result, researchers who have managed to glean facts about the worm are reluctant to publish their findings. ?They?re afraid. I?ve never seen this before,? Korman says. ?They find these things but never say anything about them.?

And not without good reason, he says. Some who have managed to reverse engineer Storm in an effort to figure out how to thwart it have suffered DDoS attacks that have knocked them off the Internet for days, he says.
It's frightening to see it have that much power - but even more frightening that so many people left their computers open to it. The scariest part has to be the "loaded but brain-dead" aspect of its attacks on programs like anti-virus software, which shows them "running" but unable to actually do anything.

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