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Capcom back to Street Fighter

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Date: Oct 18, 2007 - 02:10 PM
Capcom's going to try to make Street Fighter IV soon: it says they're going 3D, so here's hoping they take some good cues from Street Fighter EX.

The trailer appears to have been rendered in heavily stylized 3D, which calls into question what form the fighting in the next Street Fighter would take. Although the Street Fighter series has traditionally focused on 2D fighting, if Street Fighter IV turns out to be a 3D brawler, it would not be the first time the series has hit the third dimension. Capcom enlisted developer Arika to create the Street Fighter EX arcade spin-off in 1996. It spawned a handful of sequels and decently reviewed PlayStation ports, but has been dormant since Street Fighter EX3 helped pad out the PlayStation 2 launch lineup.

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