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Spam = 95% of all email

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Date: Oct 17, 2007 - 10:00 AM
Over at Net-Security, the latest report on spam.

And it's not good.

Spam with malware hyperlinks inside one technique which reached a new high during the quarter was innocent-appearing spam messages that contained hyperlinks to malware-sites. This type of spam utilizes vast zombie botnets to launch 'drive-by downloads' and evade detection by most anti-virus engines. Several blended spam attacks of this type focused on leisure-time activities, such as sports and video games. Messages invited consumers to download "fun" software such as NFL game-tracking and video games from what appeared to be legitimate websites. Instead, consumers voluntarily downloaded malware onto their computers.
Maybe it seems obvious, but a bit of healthy paranoia (read: checking on whether things were legit before just following anything sent to them) on the part of most users would solve a lot of these issues.

The full report's over at Commtouch. PDF format.

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