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Is a radio "public performance"?

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Date: Oct 08, 2007 - 09:01 AM
If you're in Scotland, watch out - the music mafia might sue you for letting others listen to your radio.

Yes, you got that right. It's a "public performance" to have a radio up high enough for others to hear.

The PRS claimed that Kwik-Fit mechanics routinely use personal radios while working at service centres across the UK and that music, protected by copyright, could be heard by colleagues and customers.

It is maintained that amounts to the "playing" or "performance" of the music in public and renders the firm guilty of infringing copyright.
Publicly broadcast, ad-supported radio that pays royalties... and they want everyone to have their own radio and set of headphones presumably.

Anyone want to wonder what the various MafiAA conglomerates will try next? This is almost as fun as Jack Valenti saying we were 'obligated' to sit there for the ads in a TV program instead of getting a snack, and that the TV studios would have to "allow" for bathroom breaks.

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