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Whitelist your apps?

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Date: Sep 19, 2007 - 07:42 AM
In the fight to stop viruses and other problems, a new approach: whitelist and only allow what you want to run, rather than trying to blacklist bad stuff.

The solution, according to Symantec's Canadian vice-president and general manager, Michael Murphy, is to reverse how protection against such attacks is provided. Under the current system, a security firm discovers a new threat, adds it to its black-list database and updates its customers' anti-virus software to combat the problem. A "white list" would instead compile every known legitimate software program, including applications such as Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat, and add new ones as they are developed. Every program not on the list would simply not be allowed to be function on a computer.
Of course, that makes it hell for people to distribute free programs and code their own.

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