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Date: Sep 17, 2007 - 08:38 AM
In the biggest story of the weekend, a plethora of emails from RIAA spy/thug firm "MediaDefender" were "acquired" by activists, posted to BitTorrent, and have since been dissected to reveal some surprising things.

Ars has done an amazing job on this story.

The cold war being waged between MediaDefender and P2P copyright infringers is rife with mutual deception, but one fact shines through all of the layers of obfuscation: MediaDefender consistently underestimates the ingenuity, resourcefulness, and dedication of its adversaries. In this case, it could cost the company everything.

Internet users are beginning to demand a higher level of transparency and accountability from companies that operate within the Internet ecosystem. Companies like MediaDefender that rely on secrecy and discretion unintentionally invite scrutiny by attempting to hide.

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