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The Rural Divide

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Date: Aug 28, 2007 - 12:00 PM
While those in the US in big cities can get cheap broadband, rural customers are forced to choose between dial-up, and paying an arm and a leg for the worst service possible.

DSL wasn't available, and the local cable service provider wasn't interested in extending the cabling for its broadband service the three-tenths of a mile required to reach Rossey's house ? even if he paid the full $7,000 cost.

Rossey ended up signing a two-year, $450-per-month contract for a T1 line that delivers 1.44Mbit/sec. of bandwidth. He pays 10 times more than the cable provider would have charged and receives one quarter of the bandwidth.
Back a long time ago, phone service was this way - and providers were required to pay up to serve in their areas.

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