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MafiAA refusing to pay

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Date: Aug 16, 2007 - 10:01 AM
RIAA vs the People has more on the latest in shameful MafiAA tactics - this time they're caught red-handed, trying to stall and delay and refuse to pay the court-ordered fees for their malicious persecution of Debbie Foster.

The RIAA did not oppose the motion, but filed papers saying it did not object to entry of judgment, but intimated that it believed there would be an automatic 10-day stay of enforcement of the judgment, and further indicated that it had 30 days to appeal from the judgment.

In response, Ms. Foster is asking the Judge to require the RIAA to post security for payment of the attorneys fees award, and sufficient to cover all of the ensuing attorneys fees expected to be incurred.
That would mean the MafiAA would have to post a $210,000 security.

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