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Suprnova to return

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Date: Aug 03, 2007 - 10:00 AM
The Pirate Bay are going to relaunch Suprnova, the old torrent-repository site shut down by the MafiAA a while back.

In a response to this breaking news, the former owner of Suprnova told TorrentFreak why he decided to donate the domain: ?The domain was doing nothing. I know that domain has some nostalgic value and some people would be more then happy to see it back online. I don?t use it, and TPB is the only team that I know will use it correctly.?

?I will be involved in the community [Forums] on a separated domain?, Sloncek said and added, ?The site has to look almost exactly like it looked before. They can upgrade it, but they cannot change it appearance completely. We further agreed that the site has to be community orientated (not private).?
No response yet from the MafiAA.

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