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Date: Aug 03, 2007 - 09:00 AM
Via Reuters, word on the new "super V chip" coming to cell phones, game consoles, and whatever else it can be stuffed into as soon as some idiots in the US Senate can push it there.

And yet, most parents don't know how (or don't care) to use the one in their TV. Or better yet, spend some quality time with their kids.

The bill requires the FCC to review, within one year of enactment, technology that can help parents manage the vast volume of video and other content on television or the Internet.

Under the 1996 Telecommunications Act, TV makers are required to embed the V-chip within televisions to allow parents to block content according to a rating system.

A section of the 1996 law also ordered the FCC to review and implement advanced filtering technology as it is developed, and Pryor said the commission has been dragging its feet on the issue.

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