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Jobs vs Buttons

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Date: Jul 25, 2007 - 01:32 PM
Wall Street Journal has a great examination of Steve Jobs' quest: to remove buttons from everything.

Bruce Tognazzini, a former user-interface expert at Apple who joined the company in 1978, says Mr. Jobs was adamant that the keyboard for the original Macintosh not include "up," "down," "right" and "left" keys that allow users to move the cursor around their computer screens, giving it a sleeker appearance than other personal computers have. Mr. Jobs's reasoning, says Mr. Tognazzini: Omitting the cursor keys would force independent software developers to create programs that used the Mac's mouse -- a novel technology at the time.
Now I happen to like buttons - when used correctly. They last longer than a touch screen and are easier to repair. But Jobs is entitled to try it his way.

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