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MafiAA shaking down coffee shops

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Date: Jul 09, 2007 - 10:00 AM
The MafiAA are at it again - this time trying to shake down coffee shops and independent music venues.

Looks like they're just firing around bills at random, not caring what they do because it's just their usual mafia-like shakedown tactics.

And in no way do the songs have to be performed live, or even on the radio, to elicit calls for royalties.

Andrus said a friend of his who owned a restaurant that did not feature music was contacted by a company looking to charge him because it owned the rights to a Hank Williams Jr. song, "Are You Ready for Some Football?" The song preceded every "Monday Night Football" telecast, which the restaurant carried on its televisions.

He said his friend simply chose to turn the volume down when the song came on.

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