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Date: Jul 01, 2007 - 09:35 PM
Last night was the fourth round of the Midnight Gaming Championships and I was fortunate enough to make it out; the event organizers really had a good setup. If you've never been out to one of these, we'll start off with a few movies of the event:
I also got a number of still shots; the setup took a bit, and some of the gamers were ready to play - even getting in some Smash Bros practice a bit early (and without controllers).
One of the more unique ideas for this year's tournament is the Headplay setup using GTR2; I can't say that I can vouch for the tech yet, but it was intriguing to see it in operation. They run the video into a 3-d projection of a 2D screen in the headpiece, potentially offering a private view (though for the tournament, it was mirrored to the screens as well).
Finally, we have the tournament itself - Smash Bros. Your final picture is the final four; regrettably, by the time GRAW2 was done, the winner from Smash Bros was gone so I don't have a solo picture.

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