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Date: Jun 25, 2007 - 03:00 PM
Inside Higher Ed has an interesting thought - libraries can be reworked to be better navigated by 'digital natives':

Likewise, tools students will use should be designed with this in mind, Gee said, just the way video games are designed. With video games, ?you can play while you are inept,? he said. There is also an assumption that players of games are rewarded for ?exploring,? even if they don?t achieve the goal they have set out to achieve. ?Lowered consequences of failure? is a key value to embrace, he said.

Needham said that in this environment, librarians should focus on ?in demand training,? helping students when they hit an obstacle, not before they start. Even then, he said, librarians shouldn?t say that they are providing formal training, but should say things like ?let me show you a short cut,? the kind of language students use with one another all the time.

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