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To Terraform Mars

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Date: Jun 25, 2007 - 10:32 AM
Over at, an article on Lowell Wood, who's presented a plan to terraform Mars and make it habitable for humanity.

Wood said that Mars currently is "stuck" in a semi-permanent "thermal depression." But there is a multiplicity of design solutions, he foresees, such as engineering an artificial greenhouse effect at the planet that warms the world and makes it "a more preferred planet."

Overall, Wood said that a workable plan can be scripted to raise the average temperature of Mars, rid the world of excess carbon dioxide, as well as generate soil to support agriculture.

After roughly one to three decades of such warming, Wood continued, the "Great Spring" literally erupts all over Mars. It's all a matter of trimming-and-tailoring a thawed Mars to the "biospheric optimum," he concluded.

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