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Your Weight And You

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Date: Jun 15, 2007 - 04:26 PM
TIME offers up two articles on weight-control; one on surgery and the other on appetite.

If you've got a couple extra pounds, take a look... and go play some DDR or get outside for a while.

At the moment, some of the research in the kitchen involves trying to find a more precise way to balance the glucose loads various foods deliver to the body. That's important, since the bigger the glucose hit, the greater the sense of satiation, but only for a little while. Afterward, hunger returns stronger than ever. "High glycemic foods like refined breads and sugars push the body to refuel," says nutrition scientist Marlene Most, head of the metabolic kitchen. "In low glycemic foods, there is a constant flow of glucose and insulin, so we don't need to refuel as much."

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