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Date: Jun 07, 2007 - 01:00 PM
I just want to say: I got to see the amazing Weird Al Yankovic in concert last night... and you likely didn't.

If there's a tour date you can get to, I highly recommend it. He had a number of new medleys, some old stuff, some of the newest album's stuff.


- "Canadian Idiot" sounds a hell of a lot better live. The confetti popboxes were an excellent touch.

- tons of "Al TV" clips, including new interviews most of the crowd had never seen before.

- A new verse on "Headline News" making fun of Britney Spears.

- Audience reaction to "I wanna b ur luver"

- "Saga Begins"/"Yoda" Singalong... "SING IT BETTER!"

- the best two-song encore I've ever seen.

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