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Step 1: DRM. Step 2: ???...

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Date: Jun 07, 2007 - 10:07 AM
Step 3? Profit.

That is the gist of an absolutely hilarious anti-DRM article in ZDNet today by Jeremy Allison.

Trying to make Digital Rights Management (DRM) work in the real world is like asking engineers to do "Star Trek" style magic, rather than real engineering. DRM simply cannot work. For less technical readers who might be wondering what I'm going on about, DRM is the attempt to control copying on a digital file, or sometimes even to add a restriction on how many times such a file can be copied. It's usually applied to online music or movies, but it's never sold to the consumer for what it actually is, an added restriction on what can be done with something they've paid for. DRM is always explained as the "wonderful new technology that will help protect your medical records from thieves." The truth is, it can't even do that.

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