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Green Architecture is Coming

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Date: May 21, 2007 - 04:00 PM
The NY Times asks why Europe has "Greener" architecture; the good news is, it will come to the US soon.

Some of it may need tweaking for hotter climates, though.

By the ?80s the green dream had faded somewhat. Faced with corporate and governmental clients who saw little financial benefit in investing in sustainable design, American architects often ignored ecological questions. The few who didn?t tended to focus on small-scale projects that could serve local populations: mud-brick construction in Arizona or rural shacks made of recycled materials in Alabama.

In Europe, by contrast, where the E.U. and national governments often play a greater role in planning and regulating building, the effort to develop sustainable architecture gathered momentum. By the mid-90s, all new construction in Europe had to meet basic requirements in energy consumption, and many European architects began to make sustainability a central theme in their work.

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